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What an Iframe is and what it does.
Submitted By Sven_TPOA_SWA_737 on 12/04/15
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Iframes make a preview of a site inside a site. You can scroll around, click links, and interact. It's like a webpage inside of a webpage. The iframe code is this: <iframe src="URL"></iframe>

Here's an example: 
That's basic. See, you can click on links and such? It's interesting. 
You can change the height and width of it, too. Watch this! 

2012/04/15 - 14:32 GMT
i do not like Iframes, nor frames. But I like iFrames though. I forgot the URL. I think it is something like <iframe sref="URL"><stuff></iframe> or something

2012/04/15 - 17:28 GMT
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I like <stuff> It made me laugh.

2012/09/12 - 19:27 GMT
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I like that comment. It made me laugh.


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